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Simple processes and tools to help you manage your relationship with your customer in an organized way. The result is the understanding of your clients, their needs and requirements in order to deliver in the best way your products and services.

The purpose of a CRM system is to record your potential and actual customers’ information so that you are able to cumminicate with them your products and services. In this way you will be able to generate more business and keep track of the important things along the way. 

With Managearo CRM module, you can record your customers information, their various locations, their relations with the actual persons your communicating with, the services and products you are providing or you may provide to them and generate tasks for your employees to increase business. Provide access to a customer portal so that they can login and view related information about their company such as invoices, receipts and statement of account. 

Managearo CRM module is FREE to help you keep your customers ingadged with your company so that they generate recurring income. 


  • Record your potential customers
  • Convert potentials to actual customers
  • Manage customer companies
    • Addresses
    • Phones
    • Emails
    • Inward and outward relations to persons and their relationship type
    • Company document management
    • Record your communications between your company and your customer
    • Record ToDos for a customer
    • Services and/or products provided from your company
    • Company locations
  • Manage contact persons
    • Addresses
    • Phones
    • Emails
    • Inward and outward relations to companies and their relationship type
    • Attachments
  • Customer portal login (requires other plugins)
  • Management dashboards

Simple pricing

Extended License


Basic CRM features free forever. You can combine this module with other Managearo module to create a very powerfull tool.

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